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I’ve had a wide and varied career path including restaurant manager, newspaper advertising, lettings manager and food broker for the airline industry, but there has always a creative itch that I’ve had. Whether it was making my daughters first smock dress (sorry Holly) or the mouse crochet nativity set thats still in use to this day!

When Ruby, our Great Dane came in to our home and hearts, it was the lack of a decent collar befitting such a majestic Dane that first got my interests in Leather. With my mother in tow, off we went to Devon for a leather making course, the rest is what you are looking at now!!

Caz Brown x

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Why I love Leather

Leather has an evocative nature. It is tactile, it has a smell, it breathes, it has a life. When it is fresh, young and newly made it is exciting and conversational. With age it changes to a warming, dependable, always their friend. Leather rarely goes out of fashion and seldom wears out. Todays designs can become tomorrow’s heirlooms. To be a part of this fills us with great pride and enthusiasm.

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